Available Cane Corsi

Please contact us about future breedings.




Cane Corso Puppies Costa Rica We do not take deposits on puppies that have not been born yet. Although we think the litters will be exceptional it is impossible to know which ones will be show quality, breeder quality and pet quality before they are born. Because of this we will take reservations on upcoming litters with your preference (show, breeder, pet, color, gender) and when they are on the ground and we can evaluate the litter you will be contacted. It is our hope you can visit us before the litter is born so we can best predict the type of dog best suited for your family. If that is not possible, it is very important that you give us as much information about yourself and your family and what you are looking for.

Once a pup has been chosen, we will take a non-refundable deposit.

Your pup will come with docked tail, vaccinations, worming and registration. All buyers will sign a contract specifying pet quality and breeding rights. Ear docking is available upon request for a fee (vet cost). You do not need to have ears cut or tails docked to show a Cane Corso - it is a personal preference.

In any event, if you are interested in a Cane Corso pup or adult dog please submit the following information to us by email:
- short presentation about yourself and your family
- how you will house your Cane Corso
- country and city where you are from
- contact information (phone number and address)
- your experience in large breed dogs

We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us in 24hrs, please resend your email.