Under the shadows of the Volcanos of Costa Rica, a majestic breed lives . . . . . . . .

About us

I, Cindy Carroccio, have had a Cane Corso in my life since 2007 when I was looking for a family guardian. I lived in the jungles along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. There were quite a few robberies in the area - and although I had dogs (4) they were small Chihuahua mix rescues and would not be able to adequately protect me or my home.

I did my research and decided a Cane Corso would best suit my needs - to my luck there was a litter born in Samara. Long story short, I brought home a 3 month old solid black male, which I named Kratos. He is a marvelous dog and I socialized and trained him from the onset (this is important part of owning a Cane Corso). He travelled back to the US with me in 2008 when my job ended in Costa Rica. Life brought me back to Costa Rica in late 2009. Again, crime was making its mark in my area and I decided to obtain another Cane Corso. Well, this time there were no more Cane Corso Breeders in Costa Rica. It was at that point I decided to work on establishing breeding stock. My dogs are a result of getting good solid bloodlines and advice from top breeders in the US and Brazil - I am not disappointed with this group.

Part of owning a new breed (in Costa Rica) is to educate people on that breed. In doing this, my dogs go to shows in San Jose, visit towns and generally get to know people. People are first impressed with the size and look and then they are astounded at the stable, friendly temperament when the dogs are out in public. They are then surprised to learn that one of the dogs they just met is Personal Protection trained. This breed is very intelligent and able to discern friend and family from foe. But, they are not for everyone and I will screen potential homes with scrutiny.

I love Cane Corsi (plural for Corso) and know you will, too. Do not hesitate to ask for any further information.

Cindy Carroccio
phone: 011 506 8308 3867
email: villapaws@gmail.com